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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the primary purpose of the MIEJCC?

The MIEJCC was created to help to facility communications between community and government partners, a resource repository, and advocacy for elder abuse victims.

Where is the MIEJCC located?

The MIEJCC was created by the State of Michigan Aging and Adult Services Agency and Elder Law of Michigan. The MIEJCC is located in Lansing and is a program of Elder Law of Michigan.

How can I locate other community based elder abuse groups across Michigan?

We have created an interactive map of the state. Click on the icon for the location you desire. The name and contact information for that group will be displayed.

So how do we find out what is happening around the state?

MIEJCC maintains a calendar listing trainings opportunities, conferences, summits, and other activities around the state. We encourage you to share information about your events with MIEJCC. Click the link for the calendar.

What about finding counties were the Michigan Vulnerable Adult Protocol has been effected?

A complete listing for those areas can be found by this visiting page. Each local protocol team is directed by the county prosecutor. Here is a link provided to the state prosecutors directory along with contact information.

How do I find out what resources are available?

The MIEJCC is building a resource bank to share with network partners. Please contact the MIEJCC to indicate what type of resource you are seeking and we will do our best to meet your needs. Some resources such as reports, protocols are available at this link. Please feel free to share any resources, speakers, data, etc. with the MIEJCC to help the resource bank grow.

Does the MIEJCC provide any funding?

The MIEJCC does not provide any funding. However it works with network partners to identify potential funding sources grants, partnerships, and foundations.

What type of support or assistance can the MIEJCC provide our program?

MIEJCC staff is available to meet with your group or network to provide updates and information about on elder abuse prevention activities across the state. Staff can also provide assistance with collaboration efforts, trainings, and communications.

I have a question about elder abuse, aging, collaboration, or some other topic, but I don’t know how or what to ask for. What can the MIEJCC do for me?

The MIEJCC frequently received communications about a diverse range of topics. MIEJCC staff has access to wide range of resources from many different groups and professions. In many cases MIEJCC staff is able to provide assistance. Do not hesitate to call us a call. We are here to help.